Transforming My Beauty Routine in 2019

Skin Care Routine - Sarah Heyl

Since my wedding and winter season, I committed to splurging a bit more on self-care AND skin-care because it’s literally the only thing I have to live with well..for the rest of my life. SO I’m takin’ care of it!

I’ve never been one to splurge at Sephora, or do a ton of research into the products that went into my face washes, lotions, etc. but that’s alll changing. Since stalking Refinery29 articles, and beauty influencers on the gram, I’ve gotten real into reading labels and knowing whats in my products.

Skin Care Routine - Sarah Heyl

It first started with my hair. With currrrrrrly hair (yes all the R’s are a necessity) I had to stop using the cheapest/easiest products and really invest in DevaCurl everything. It has transformed my hair making it softer, less frizzy (for the most part, the top needs some work) and since I just chopped it all off, I’m using less product and saving a bit more $$. The Super Stretch gel cream is a LIFE SAVER.

Another product I’m loving is the CoCo & Eve hair-mask! It’s coconut oil I use that 2x a month as an overnight mask. It’s really hydrating and smells amazinggg.

As for skin-care and makeup, I had a great opportunity to work with a local natural foods market, Native Sun in Jacksonville, and turns out they have an entire clean beauty section! If you’re in Jacksonville, go there to shop these items, but I’ve linked them other places below.


First, I snagged the Aura Cacia lavender essential oil that I’m LOVING so far for anxiety, a sleep aid and to have on hand for bug bites or rashes – especially when we move to Guam.

Then, to kick-off my evening facial routine, I’m now starting with Fresh Beauty soy cleanser (and their Umbrian Clay Exfoliator but only 1-2x a week). Then, I follow with the all natural Thayers toner which feels amazing and doesn’t sting at all. I currently have the cucumber scent, but cannot wait to get the Rose Petal one next.

Finally, I’ll finish with with Acure Beauty marula facial oil because I am not a huge fan of lotion on the face, especially since I have dry skin, and seal it all in with the Clinique Hydrating Gel.

For day-to-day hydration and when I need a little boost, I obviously use the Mario Badescu Facial Spray with aloe, herbs and rosewater. It’s SO refreshing.

I’ve been reading that having a morning and night routine is important, BUT it also can dry out your skin if you’re washing in the AM and PM and putting the same products on over and over. So in the AM I’m sticking to cold water, masaging my face with a Jade Roller, then adding a little oil and primer before make-up to take on the day.

This sounds like a LOT to deal with written out, but since I’m new at this, I began with a super easy starting point: a great wash, a great toner and natural oil/gel to seal it all together.

To shop all the products I mentioned above, see below!

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