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A new adventure is unfolding for my business, and now I’m finally ready to share. Here it goes…

If you’ve been following me for the past couple of years, you know I always have my hands in a million different projects.

To sum it up, for those who ask, ‘What do I actually do?” Well, I work for myself, but to be honest, I’ve always worked FOR clients and businesses. Whether it’s marketing retainers, website design, branding or social media management, I’ve had a hand in it all. And it’s been amazing and areas I will continue to serve.

I’ve also had the privilege of contracting with many agencies, and even a corporate hospitality company to grow my skill set. But now, as a move overseas is approaching, it was time to step back and evaluate how and where to invest my time and where my business should go next.

After soul searching, Milanote-ing (my favorite brainstorm app), mentoring and chats with those closest to my heart, I have decided to work on my ultimate dream of building a company that can grow into a team, products and eventually a physical space. #dreambig

This website/blog and @sarahheyl will always be my personal brand - a place where I occasionally blog and share personal life stories. This is here to stay but who knows how much I’ll actually update it. ;)

The Business Bar will be a place where I met one of my best gal pals/work wife through Instagram, a place where The Honest Boss and The Test Kitchen were born, and where businesses were nurtured with new brands and marketing plans. They also helped propel me to the new Courtesy of venture, so I am BEYOND thankful.

But now, it’s time to step back from those hustles and narrow in. It’s time to dream REALLY big, with one brand at the center. 

A brand with a mission for serving others – online, in person, in homes, in all the in-between. 

Courtesy (n): is the showing of politeness in one's attitude and behavior toward others.

Courtesy is also providing a service to give others the best experience possible. That’s how I want to live my life, and share with those I work with.


Courtesy Of.

A creative agency with a passion for digital and experiential connections.

Courtesy of Creative

Will the concept change a few times? Absolutely. Will I rebrand every couple years? Duh. Will I shift service offerings? Maybe. But one thing is for sure – I am going all in on this brand and I’m so excited to see where it leads.

Here’s to all the highs and lows that are about to happen when you pivot your business – especially in another country. And here’s to staying true to the dream I’ve always had but haven’t been able to name. While a name should’ve never been a set back, I’m glad it was. The experiences I’ve had thus far have helped me uncover how I love spending my days and the type of work I am excited to get up and do each day.

It’s happening. And if you want to follow along with how it unfolds – head over to @thisiscourtesyof and click follow. 

This is going to be fun. Thanks for playing a part in my story - because even if I haven’t met you yet, I’m sure there will be a time in life where we will, and I hope it starts with a smile and a big virtual hug.

Cheers to new beginnings!

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