Subscription Services I'm Loving


If you know me at all you know that just about everything I buy is a little 'trendy,' for lack of a better word. So, if there's an online subscription service that I can get as opposed to running up the street to Target (although I will obviously still be going to Target and getting everything else I don't need), you best believe I'm on it. I can't really explain's more of a "wow look at all the cool things the internet has brought us, so why not capitalize?!"

Maybe I'm a victim to social advertising (I mean it is my job) or maybe I'm lazy...who knows.

Anyway, see below for a round-up of lifestyle products or subscriptions I'm investing in this quarter:


Amazon Pantry

I mean might as well have recurring deliveries for your household must-have's am I right? I looked into many other platforms like Grove Collaborative but just wasn't sold. Since we're already a Prime member, it now costs $4.99 per month for delivery but still with free shipping.


Hello Fresh

Although we're finally in the groove of meal-prepping for lunch, dinners are just not as flavorful as I know they can be. We're going to hop on the HelloFresh train to learn some new recipes and cook together! Pretty excited about this one. Simply select your favorite dishes, and get sent all the ingredients to make your own meals without the hassle of forgetting 1 or 2 ingredients for every recipe you think you want to try from Pinterest (ME).

Billie Razors

Stephen and I have both used Harry's and Dollar Shave Club for razor delivery but when Billie came out my life was changed. First, I can't resist a great website and branding, but a women FIRST company that sells razors for just $9 a month with bi-monthly razor-blade deliveries...I was instantly sold.


Care/Of Vitamin Packs

First of all, can I just say their personality quiz is my absolute favorite user experience and the results are perfect for my lifestyle. This vitamin company delivers a custom pack to fit your needs in a cute branded set with YOUR name on it. Head to the website to see what I'm talking about, but basically, this is one of those things where, yeah a multi-vitamin will do but their energy supplements for my work life (aka not eating right because I'm at a computer all day) could be a game changer. Also...BRANDING. 😍😍😍

For our pet basics – cat + dog food and treats, we're keeping it simple with Chewy. After comparing prices of Target/Petsmart etc, it is a steal when it comes to discounts and again, free shipping. Win! I'm glad our animals are low maintenance except we do have to change up our pup's food because she's a BIT picky when it comes to the 'brands' of dog food she likes. Sigh.

And for what it's worth – if you're an avid Publix shopper, they also offer a delivery service (with fees) soooo, really you could probably go months without actually leaving your house. This is big, you guys.


Any other subscription services or products I'm missing out on? Drop 'em below.

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