Striped Sweater Season

Color Block Striped Sweater  - Sarah Heyl

Florida is such a little tease. Within in two days, I went from tanning & feeling spring vibes to wearing sweaters, dodging the wind & gloomy skies. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Anyway, I’m V into color block striped sweaters right now so I snagged this one from Nordstrom Rack, and linked a few I have my eye on if they go on sale (because #budget).

These are perfect for brining in little hints of Spring even if you’re in the snow (ugh I don’t know how you do it), or in Florida. For this super casual * no makeup * look, I paired it with my girlfriend leggings and Allbirds, but I’m pumped to style this with high waisted jeans and booties.

Realistically, I don’t need to buy any more sweaters or coats because I’ll be my entire winter wardrobe pre-move to Guam in September...let’s be honest - BUT these are just SO CUTE.

Color Block Striped Sweater - Sarah Heyl
Color Block Striped Sweater  - Sarah Heyl
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