Saying 'Yes' to the Dress!


Well, we are just under a year away from our wedding day! I felt like it was the right time to update y'all on our journey thus far.

Before we get to the good stuff, my first order of business was location. We secured our venue in Sarasota, FL as it was close enough to home but also held some fun sentimental value for both Stephen and I. (But I won't spoil all the fun on where it's at just yet.) We also picked our wedding party and Stephen and I asked with cute boxes of our squad's favorite things. More details on our favors and gifts to come!

BUT, most importantly, I said YES TO THE DRESS.

Since I saw their location in Tampa, FL I knew I wanted to shop for my dress at The White Magnolia. Little did I know that their first location in Florida was in Jacksonville, and happened to be within WALKING distance from my apartment. Can you say meant to be? My mom, sister and wonderful photographer friend Bethany Lee, 1/2 of Two Lee Photography, spent the day with me as I tried on about 10 dresses+ but ultimately found THE ONE. (Yes I know, in one day!) Mabry was an absolutely amazing host as she switched out dresses within seconds and knew exactly how to help me narrow down my top two choices by adding greenery to my hair - similar to how I'll be wearing it on my wedding day!

Pictured below are a few of my favorites and of COURSE I'm not going to spoil the surprise so although they are all amazing, none of the dresses pictured are mine. ;) I loved every minute of the experience and absolutely love the boutique!

I'm not crying, you're not crying - mom, when we found 'THE ONE.'

I'm not crying, you're not crying - mom, when we found 'THE ONE.'


If I had to pick a runner up, you best believe this Hayley Paige gown was it. I felt like a ballerina princess and the lace detail on the front and back was TO DIE FOR.


But the search continued...


This amazing gown below was absolutely stunning and flattering in all the right places for my size and height. I loved the sweetheart neckline but I knew I wanted a little more flair.


I'll also be the first to tell you that EVEN IF you have a vision of exactly what you want going into the store, you'll be shocked at what you end up going with. This beautiful Willowby Watters dress below was my number 1 choice, as I obviously was prematurely shopping ;) but when I put it on, it didn't pack the punch that I expected. So my advice to you is grab EVERYTHING you even remotely like. You might be surprised!


The White Magnolia truly had all the dresses and designers I could've hoped for and ultimately I found the be revealed in 2018. ;)


Let the planning continue!

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