Savvy Systems for Entrepreneurs


Systems are my absolute favorite. With a background in project management and a personal knack for organizing everything in life, I love discovering and trying tools to make my digital life easier. You might have heard me talk about these before, but I wanted to show a quick breakdown of what I use daily in my business. Once the workload slows down I am itching to do a video series breaking down these tools even more. Excited to hear what you think about the below and what you want to know more about!

Let’s dive in.



Using Asana for Project Management


For managing to-dos, lists and simple project timelines for each of my clients, Asana is my absolute GO-TO and has been for a couple years now. With a user-friendly desktop interface and an app, I take Asana with me wherever I go. I personally like having set templates to replicate across projects, and use as a guideline to streamline projects and timelines (like a web design project, or marketing strategy). I also like utilizing the 'board' and list feature to have different views when it comes to organizing my content.

Eliminate the inbox and have all your client communication right within Asana!



Using Shift for Email and Google Drive

I just started to use the desktop app but I am LOVVVVING it so far. With an interface similar to a browser, you can switch between multiple email accounts, Google Drive accounts and even connect to Asana and social media with an upgraded plan. Although I won’t be utilizing all of the integrations just yet, I’m super excited to try this out. Before, I was using Spark as my email client but with my constant Google Drive access and multiple emails, I know this will be super helpful.


Google Drive or Dropbox

These speaks for themselves, but for file storage and organization these two platforms take the cake. I always have used Dropbox but with the new integrations I'm using (Shift) and with Google's constant updates, I'm thinking I'll make the official Drive shift here in the near future. The only downside is the working design files in Drive; you have to export and upload every time, where as Dropbox you can open from within the Desktop app and save right there without having to re-upload, unless there's a workaround I'm not sure about yet!



Using Airtable for Content Calendars - Savvy Systems for Entrepreneurs

Airtable is where Google Sheets, Asana and all your excel dreams come true. This interactive spreadsheet interface has a TON of options for organizing everything from your content calendar, to marketing plans & even lifestyle elements like events or wedding planning! It will take a bit to learn and understand all the functions, but I highly suggest watching the tutorial videos before you dive in. You're able to list out just about every feature of a post or project and 'tag' users to assign items to them.



Using Slack for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses


For communication across my team and for community groups, Slack is great for all remote (and office) workers. Use channels to segment your projects or conversations and send funny GIF’s all. day. long. I’m also going to try using Slack with clients and see if it resonates with them to deter from texting and always having our thoughts in one place to reference!



Using Freshbooks for Invoicing - Savvy Systems for Entrepreneurs

I recently switched from Quickbooks to Freshbooks to invoice clients. I like Freshbooks just a bit better due to their proposal, estimate and client management features but overall I feel like the systems offer very similar features and it’s just your interface preference. Another feature I love using in Freshbooks is the recurring invoices! This eliminates one more ‘to-do’ each month and as entrepreneurs all know, automation is key to gaining & maximizing your time.



Zoom - Savvy Systems for Entrepreneurs

For scheduling virtual meetings and conference calls, Zoom is my favorite. You have a designated meeting URL when you sign up and I tend to use that as a catch-all for all my meetings. You're also able to schedule and customize your link with paid plans. Pro tip: Create a link for your Zoom Room that way you can send the same link and Meeting ID with every invite!

*I really hope someone gets that button reference.


I hope you're able to take one or multiple of these items and put them into play for your business! Let me know if you have any other platforms you'd like to share below!