Planning A PCS Overseas – Packing


Back at it with edition 3 of Planning a PCS and if you missed my first two posts, head here to catch up on what our big move is, and here to see how I’m organizing our lives until then!

Organizing A PCS Move Overseas - Packing Tips

As a self-proclaimed OCD organizer, especially when it comes to big life changes, I’m soaking in all the help/advice and Google tips I can get to make our pack out as seamless as possible. Since this is my first PCS in general, this is an entirely new ball game even though I’ve moved pretty much every few years since I was 8 years old. While the husband gets all our paperwork in order – and there is a LOT of it – I’m putting myself in charge of stripping down our items, and packing the bare minimum, but all the necessities of what I think we’ll need in Guam.

Before I dive into the items, I’m first collecting a ton of packing products from my BFF Amazon. See below for a list of items that other milso’s have suggested! Am I missing anything important? Drop notes in the comments below!




I’m terrified that our items that we just got from our wedding will get lost or ruined so I’m being strategic about what we’re packing and what we’re putting in storage. All every day items are coming of course but I will have to part with our fine glasses and dining sets as those need to stay safe.

Hopefully all of these items above (while unfortunately not eco-friendly :/) will keep everything we do take safe, and protected so there’s less paperwork/claims/nonsense to fill out once we realize that a few of our boxes are missing - gah!

Priorities for our unaccompanied baggage (aka the bags that can be shipped early or carried on the plane with us) are also listed below! (If it all fits….) I’ve been told these are items that we’ll really want to have while you wait your permanent residence in military housing or hotels. If not for the sake of saving money early on, it’ll be nice for me to feel more comfortable with my personal items while we’re adjusting.


1 Pot Set

Coffee Maker

Silverware Set

A Couple Plates/Cups

Can opener/Measurement Cups

Everyday Clothes


1 Set of Bath Towels

1 Sheet Set



Small Tool Set

Basic Cleaning Supplies

Shower Curtain


Once I understand how many and what type of boxes the movers are bringing, I’ll start organizing our items room by room and placing them in sections. As we (im)patiently await our pack-out date, I’m still selling/collecting items like big furniture, chatting with those selling big items before they leave island, and gathering as much information on finding off base housing as possible.

Until next month…we’re getting closer!