Planning A PCS Overseas: Organizing The Move

PCSing - Planning the Move

Now that the nerves of moving overseas have finally settled for now – shout out to the Guam Facebook groups and conversations via phone and Instagram with those living there now – I am in full organize mode when it comes to reading and checking off our 46 page checklist (truth), preparing our pup, and alll our things.

With the KonMari Method in full swing, it was perfect timing that we just went through our home and got rid of anything that *doesn’t bring us joy.* Unfortunately, we didn’t know that our next move with the military would be overseas - so now we get to start over! This time we can think even bigger down to our furniture. Challenge accepted.

To my excitement and probably my husband’s dismay, this is the perfect excuse to sell all our furniture and appliances that aren’t sentimental or a ‘must have’ (according to me) and strip it down to the bare minimum, and what we think we’ll absolutely need in Guam! This means getting rid of the super large furniture pieces that the packing company (and unpacking company, aka us) will hate to take apart and reassemble when we finally receive everything overseas.

On the other hand, while we are selling a lot, we do have to think future forward on the large pieces of furniture that I’ll want to have in Guam and won’t be able to get, or for selfish reasons, won’t match my ~aesthetic.~ This is how we’re working through the ‘purge’ process with “budgeting” in mind.

6 months out

Sell Large Furniture & non-joy sparking items

3-4 months out

purchase necessity items

1-2 months out

sell small furniture, decor and misc.

First, I made a list of the most common items we’ll need to furnish a 2-bedroom apartment or home, including a living room, dining room and ‘office space.’ Then, after going through our inventory and selling what we think either won’t fit or will be hard to travel, we’ll purchase new items that we know we’ll need and will be hard to ship over later. And finally, after I research my ideal home situation, most likely off-base, I will hopefully get a idea of anything else we’ll need to bring – a generator being at the top of that list because typhoons.

So, all this to say, get ready for some moving sales coming soon. My next post will cover a list of items I deem ‘must-haves’ after countless research from seasoned military families.

Any tips and tricks if you’ve been in the same boat (ha ha Navy joke…) before? Drop ‘em in the comments!