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Sarah Heyl - Living Our Best Life

With the constant noise of social media ads, innovative products and services at the click of our fingertips, the desire to live a “perfect life” is a never-ending need. If there’s anything I’m learning after of moving around a lot and taking on a new jobs, the only constant I have is my home, my significant other, and my dog. Results: learning a sh*t ton about myself, others & what I value in life.

Fortunately and unfortunately, Stephen and I are both shopaholics (working on it, Mom & Dad) with a desire to try new products and indulge in quality items. While our lifestyle might not match our income level, yet…if I’m being totally honest…we’re not letting it set us back from the ‘finer things.’ SO, we are investing and appreciating the items that make our day to day lives better. Below I’ve listed out a few of our favorite things (not all revolutionary) that made us really excited about our new registry items – thanks friends and fam! – and the lifestyle we’re setting ourselves up for as NEWLYWEDS in 2 weeks, ahhhh. All this to say, we’re working on living INTO the life we want instead of sitting back and wishing it. Some call it manifesting, others call it luck, but it seems like whenever I splurge on something that I know will help me be better or do better, I hustle harder and reap the benefits in many forms.

Here’s a round-up of what we’re enjoying that are truly helping us live our BEST life.

Listening to The Sunday Scaries Podcast.

This short and sweet podcast, launching every Sunday (obvs), is a surefire way to learn something new, and perfect your dining, working, cooking lifestyle & more. While I don’t really have the ‘hungover’ Sunday Scaries as much anymore, since I hardly ever go out, it’s still very useful. We’ve fully adapted 80% of the tips in this show. Especially, trimming our candle wicks.

Watching Cooking Documentaries.

While I’m your typical Bravo, Rom-Com and Netflix series binger, I have gotten into the Cooking Channel as background while I work. I can’t decide if it’s because I’m about to be wifed-up, the fact that I work in hospitality or….because I’m just becoming my mom. But the best series/show thus far, where we’ve definitely learned the most in just 4 episodes is Salt, Acid, Fat, & Heat. Just watch. Next up..her cookbook.

Investing in Quality Skincare & Make-up.

This goes for me more than Stephen, but he has definitely learned to appreciate a good skin care regimen as well. While I’m not fully ready to buy all my products at Nordstrom or Sephora (yet) I have gotten a few that reaaallly make a difference. Enter: face oils, face wash, a quality lip tint/balm, a jade roller (to see if the hype is real), and cold eye-masks before bed. Shout out to the lifestyle bloggers that gave me a leg up on this so I didn’t have to do a ton of research.

Creating an all-around aesthetically pleasing kitchen.

Naturally, I try (really hard, embarrassingly..) to make everything in my home cohesive, where I actually get excited to be here and in the kitchen, actually cook. I’ve never been one to spend a day in the kitchen and fully enjoy it, BUT once we started getting our new appliances, great knives, and found a fresh local market near our home, that has definitely shifted. With Leon Bridges in the background and a Cabernet in hand I have really learned to appreciate making fresh dinners with my main squeeze. Also, The Newlyweds Cookbook is amazing.

Minimizing My Closet, Maximizing Quality.

I used to get really annoyed at how I wore basically all the new/expensive clothes I bought so much and I was embarrassed because I thought people noticed. Guess what, now I could care less, those clothes have held up WAY better after multiple washes than the 312404834 other cheap clothes in my closet after one wash. So, we’re stripping down our wardrobes and making room for quality thrifted (#reducewaste) and splurging on necessities – jeans, jackets, dressy attire.

Madewell, local boutiques with quality brands, Cuyana and Everlane are now my go-to’s for all essentials. This may seem like a ‘duh’ thing to some, but when you’re a freelancer, these items are SO hard to splurge on when you’re not sure when the next payout is coming through.

Sarah Heyl - Living Our Best Life

All this to say my new life guideline is as follows – nothing inspiring or spiritual, just a way to check myself, and maybe you will find it helpful, too.

  1. Invest in the Living (literally and figuratively), as it’s what keeps you alive.

    i.e. that’s everything you do to and put into or on your body.

  2. Make time for the finer things – in moderation.

    i.e. a date night, a shopping spree, a massage, a facial, mani/pedis, you get it.

  3. Support Anything & Everything Local

    i.e. when you travel, do less chain dining and corporate supporting. (except necessities like travel and hotels, but also Airbnb.)

*Random note that this post was inspired by a great friend, & business, The Framework Events & The Good Life newsletter. Since I won’t be able to keep up with the new things I discover from them and the podcast in #1, you should just subscribe to these. You’re welcome in advance. ;)

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