Inside My Home Office

The work-from-home struggle is still real and probably will always have its ups and downs. While I loooove working in my PJ's and spending all my time at the house, I needed to create a 'space' where my focus was solely work. Enter SUN ROOM. As you'll see in the photos below, my home office is full of windows and natural light. I kinda feel like I'm in a tree-house and love it. (Until they cut down my main tree but it's fine I just gotta upgrade those shades...)

The entrepreneur life is full of wanting all the trendy things to make working from home the best, but also having no money to buy all the things.... SO, I've repurposed, recycled and have slowly upgraded my office collection and finally feel like I can crush it. Because clearly good office supplies = productivity. It's a direct coorelation. ;))

See below for a glimpse into my home office and what I'm using to stay organized and on task/on brand. You'll also see my favorite co-workers who never leave my side when I'm in my ~element.~


You can see I love having a million notebooks, post-it notes, and books on hand. While I love project management systems, writing things down will never get old. I loooove my mousepad from Ugmonk and of course my tried and true build-your-own Ikea Desk. A while back, I just had one Linnmon desk top but needed more space, so I added another to make that L-shape look. Yes, I could've just got a corner desk butttt we're talking $$ saving, people.



Everyday Visionary for the bullet journalers, Golden Coil for the OCD life planners, and of course Rifle/ for the cute covers


Favorite Notebooks:

Rifle Paper Co. + Moleskine



I'm an inspiration hoarder and probably have kept every catalog and magazine and cute mail piece I've received for the past 2 years somewhere in this space, oops. I think it's so important to stock your bookcases or shelving units with items that make you proud (HELLO DIPLOMA) and items that bring back important memories of your career path or life. You'll see a glimpse of mine below.


Of course an office isn't complete with unnecessary items that are just cute and fun to look at/Instagram lets be real. Keep scrollin' to  stock your office with alll the above & more!



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