So, We Adopted a Puppy

I feel like my life is a month by month flip-flop of having nothing going, then EVERYTHING going on. June was one of the everything months.

As we prep for a move to the wonderful area of San Marco, Jacksonville (way up my alley with restaurants, boutiques, close to Riverside and friends), it was obvious that we needed a new puppy right!? Ha, but as you can see this face was absolutely irresistible. Meet Maggie Hill, y'all!

The wonderful Hyperion Brewing Company hosted an adoption day featuring Okefenokee Humane Society. Now, to be honest I knew going into it that they were there and may or may have mentioned to Stephen that we were absolutely NOT getting a puppy....a big LOL to that.

Anyway, a week later here we are. With this 5-month-old little girl on our arms. Let's just say we're still navigating puppy life like crazy parents, questioning everything that's happening with her and praying she's healthy and wasn't abused. Speculation continues about her breed, but I'm sold on the fact that shes a Border Jack! (Border Collie mixed with a Jack Russell.) Any dog experts out there feel free to chime in!

To summarize her adoption: the shelter she was in was far from decent as it seemed to be in an area with very little financial support. It brought tears to my eyes the day I picked her up as I watched abused animals taken into the shelter for check-in while hearing sounds of kittens and puppies crying and barking in their cages. Needless to say, the phrase 'adopt don't shop' was taken to an entirely new level.

For now all we can do is give her love and I think we're pretty good at that. Now that I've made myself cry, here are her first few days with us and can you say, #modeldog!?

LIFESarah Hill