Jacksonville Life Lately

Tacos and beer say it all. It's been fun exploring allll the neighborhoods of Jacksonville with new friends and Stephen! There are some amazing creative people in this community and I'm so excited to see how much it grows over the next year. 

Below is a mini gallery of a few things we've been into lately. Surfer the Bar Jax for a killer atmosphere and vibe. Hyperion, the latest brewery to hit Springfield has a special place considering my friend Jordan, owner of The Business Bar helped bring their brand vision to life. It RULES. And finally the Casa Maria Hotel & Restaurant has the cutest little rooftop bar and I may or may not have accidentally scouted that place as a wedding venue...wait what? (jk jk, kinda.)

We also love spending days inside on the couch or at the beach. Working from home makes me reallly anxious to get out of the house to explore new things BUT I also have to keep in mind that weekends are a time where Stephen can relax and actually not get up early and explore every part of Jacksonville, hehe oops....

LIFESarah Hill