Watch Out New Year, We're Comin' For Ya

See what I did there? ;) This past weekend was full of gifts and adventures! January is a big month in our household. After winding down from the holidays and planning for the year, we also get to celebrate Stephen's birthday! Birthdays are a big deal for me and people I love. I like to travel and plan fun events and it's something Stephen has picked up as well. Although we decided to stay local, we had a fun weekend just the two of us – exploring the North and Central Florida areas.

If you don't know Stephen and I personally, we are pretty much yin and yang. Over seven years of friendship & dating, we've realized a lot about life and each other. First, that opposites definitely attract. Second, that even though we seek out similar qualities in people and friends we're attracted to, without different perspectives and a challenge on thoughts, there is no room to grow. With us, we find growth daily. I'm so thankful for his realistic perspectives and life experiences as I tend to be a dreamer and get lost in some of the truths of what's happening in our day to day life. With both of these personalities working together, I have to say we're a dream team. ;)

This year, I was looking for something practical and something special for my man. Naturally, my first gift had something to do with fishing and our trip to the Grand Canyon in the spring (eek!) But then I wanted to find something a little more memorable. Enter the JORD Watch! To be honest, I was skeptical about these watches at first, as I'm usually about the leather bands and simple faces. But then I stumbled across the Frankie collection. Alll the heart eyes. The dark sandalwood completely sold me and the smoke face gave it a mysterious and sexy look.



After receiving this gift we embarked on fun birthday weekend adventures in Orlando, St. Augustine and Amelia Island! Needless to say we like being on the go. See below for a gallery of our weekend trip! If you want more details about the watch pictured above, click the photo to learn more! Also, for those looking for that perfect Valentine's Day gift, JORD is giving away a $100 gift card to one lucky winner who enters by clicking the button below. P.S. There might be a small gift to anyone who enters as well - but you didn't hear it from me!

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